Sjoerd (27) is a conceptual illustrator based in ︎Utrecht, The Netherlands. 
Illustration can be a strong tool to translate stories and ideas in a simple, original and attractive way.
I like to work with ranging subjects and also under short deadlines. 
They trigger my creativity and productivity because it forces me to make fast decisions.

Selected clients
Het Parool, Dadblad Trouw, Tijd, De Morgen Magazine, ARTE Radio, 
KesselsKramer, De Optimist, De Dakhaas, Tijdschrift Ei.

Featured on 
Illustration Daily
On Art

2012 - 2016: Bachelor of Design, Illustration at the Utrecht School of the Arts.

Round 2 - Kapitaal (group) 2016
Coffee Company Vismarkt Utrecht (solo) 2016
KLIK! Animation Festival (group) 2016
︎     ︎ T +31(0)6 50 50 73 27